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Your First Visit


We hope you will find the following information helpful. All of us at the Bridge are aware of a number of things to do with health and safety, as well as confidentiality. We are also aware that these things will not be familiar to you! Consequently, please carefully read the following, so that we can avoid causing you confusion and possible distress. Because your safety, well being and confidentiality means so much to us, our years of experience have shown us that these measures will help us and you.

As a general rule Bridge is not able to help clients with the following situations:

  • Severe mental health problems

  • Severe addictions

  • Sexual offending behaviour

  • Marked personality Disorder

For these conditions we suggest you might like to contact one of the following:

Gateway Project - Gofal 

Newport MIND -

Newport & Gwent Samaritans ​- 01633 259000

Gwent Drug Interventions Programme ( DIPS) -

CAR PARKING - The Kingsway Car Park is opposite the Leisure Centre and is free for 1 hour. There is a Car Park in Hill Street and an NCP Car Park near the Centre, entrance off the Castle Roundabout. 

CONFIDENTIALITY is so important to us and our clients! Limited space means we can only allow you, the Client and members of the Bridge team onto the premises.
We do not have a waiting area, and we can’t allow people to wait in the Office, where confidential phone calls and conversations may be taking place. If you arrive early we will have to ask you to come back at your appointed time.
If you have been brought to the Centre, the person bringing you will have to leave you at the door. Stalls and cafes in the Market will be open, should you wish to wait there.


DOGS  cannot be allowed onto the premises, except disability dogs.

CHILDREN We cannot allow children on these premises at any time.

For the HEALTH AND SAFETY of all, you can only bring into the Centre COATS, HATS, UMBRELLAS, HANDBAGS, SMALL CASES, and OTHER SMALL PERSONAL BELONGINGS. Wheelchair users will find our premises accessible but, TROLLEYS, BICYCLES, SCOOTERS, DISABLED PERSONS’ SCOOTERS etc, can’t be brought into the Centre by you or the Bridge team. The Bridge cannot accept any responsibility for any items which have to be left outside and may be damaged or stolen etc. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Market Building.


Your session will not be INTERRUPTED for any reason other than an emergency, eg the fire alarm sounding! Any messages left for you with the receptionist will be passed to you on the completion of the session.

If you need to CONTACT us, to cancel or re-arrange an appointment etc, please try to do so by telephone rather than by calling in to the Centre. We cannot allow you in unless it’s your appointment time; your counsellor will probably only be here for appointments and so, not be available; we are currently not open Mondays and Fridays.

Please note, if you do not keep your appointment and fail to let us know or, if you continue to cancel, even if you do let us know, we will offer you another 2 invitations to attend but, if you do not keep those further 2, and fail to tell us you will not receive another invitation and will not be considered as one of our clients.


When you come to the Centre for the first session after your Initial Assessment, please remember to bring your Contract with you, so that it can be signed and, if you are able, please bring your donation.
If you wish and, if you pay income tax, we would be pleased to receive your donation with Gift Aid. Your counsellor will have a form for you, which is simple to fill in and only takes a minute.

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