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Although the Bridge is a charity, it still costs a lot of money each month to be able to provide our counselling service.
Everyone is a volunteer but travelling expenses need to be paid; and then there is the telephone, rent, broadband, stationery, printers, computers etc. 

We simply cannot offer a free counselling service and, although we occasionally receive donations and gifts from a variety of sources, we still need to ask our clients for donations. Experience shows us that everyone can afford something: our clients need to be serious about coming for counselling and almost always, making a donation says something about how serious you are.


Your first visit is for an Initial Assessment. This is FREE.

If you decide to return, you will sign a contract providing up to 12 sessions. If you decide to make one payment for all 12, the cost of your donation will be £100.00

If you wish, you can donate at each session. We currently ask you to donate £10.00.

If you genuinely cannot donate that much we still expect you to donate what you can.

PLEASE REMEMBER – as a charity we can claim Gift Aid on your donations. Gift Aid doesn’t cost you any more but, if you are paying Income Tax at a rate which is more than the cost of your counselling, we can claim an additional amount, worth over 25% more.

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